Psychiatry and Medication Management

Our Psychiatry providers use psychiatric medications, also known as psychotherapeutics or psychotropics, are used to treat many mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and ADHD. These medications have changed the lives of many people for the better.

The success of these medications, however, depends on the correct selection, dose and treatment plan. At Psychiatric Associates, we manage each patient’s medications according to his or her unique needs. We do this by meeting with patients regularly to review their medication, determine if it’s effective in managing their symptoms and discussing any side effects. If needed, we may make adjustments to your medications.

To get help with medication management, call (319) 356-6352 to schedule an appointment, or use our online Request an Appointment form. We have offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and North Liberty Iowa. Telehealth services are also available.

Psychiatrist writing a prescription for a patient

Signs You May Need Psychiatry Services

If you experience any of the following, you may need assistance with medication management:

  • Side effects that interfere with your quality of life
  • Medication is becoming less effective at controlling symptoms
  • Problems remembering to take your medications as prescribed
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