Psychological Testing

Psychological testing and/or assessments are the first steps in the psychological care process. In a way, they’re actually very similar to medical tests.

If, for instance, you go to your primary care physician with a medical problem, the doctor will conduct a physical exam. He or she may also order X-rays or a blood test. Based on the results of those tests, the doctor will create a treatment plan for you.

Psychological evaluations are used in the same way. Tests and other assessment tools help your Psychiatric Associates provider make a diagnosis so he or she can develop a plan for your treatment.

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Psychologist providing psychological testing

More About Psychological Testing

Together, assessments and testing give your Psychiatric Associates provider a comprehensive picture of your mental health.

  • A psychological assessment can include several different parts, including formal psychological tests, interview information, medical records, school records and observational data.
  • Testing typically involves formalized tests like questionnaires or checklists. These tests have been created by researchers for effectively measuring a particular trait or disorder, such as ADHD or Personality Disorders
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